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A discovery by a Harvard researcher may shed light on controversial aspects of the life of Jésus Christ. Professor at Harvard Divinity School as Karen l King said, that he found a fragment of ancient Papyrus dating from the fourth century, as translated, suggests that Jesus was married. The text is the Gospel of Jesus through the baptism of his wife. He said that part of what it calls attention, Jesus said to them: my wife in the Coptic language. The text that will be the size of a business card printed was not scientifically proven Papyrus to check, quotations, but King and others have said, they believe, it is a real tourist attraction. Last update: 04. 28 p. m. on a conference call Tuesday from Rome, King, said some people who read about the discovery asked him if the fragment of papyrus was Jesus as the life of married of the Christian faith, no woman is described. We cannot rule out that it could say: my wife, as a church, but in the context of where talks about the mother and my wife and talk, my disciple, the only thing I would say is that the Church was going to be my disciple. Even before the discovery of the King, there was speculation that Mary Magdalene Jesús was married. I do not believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, King said on Tuesday, adding that it was or was not married. I truly believe that tradition does not say anything and we do not know. King also said that a teacher who has seen your report you can ask that the Papyrus text would not have a homily and Gospel, an idea that was not considered. King added that he hoped that the discovery is limited to the display outside the academic community, the debate on marriage and sexuality in the early Church and much more. In contemporary debates about the Church on issues such as gay marriage and the marriage of Catholic priests, with more voices of the early Church and a better and clearer is useful, since the beginning of Christianity, he said. AP update from the: 08 33 m. a. Wolf-Peter Funk, a prominent Coptic linguist and Co-Director of la Francophonie project Edition of the library of Nag Hammadi Coptic at Laval University in Quebec, said that there are thousands of fragments of Papyrus, where you will find some things and many questions about the fragment of the Harvard remain unanswered. Click this slideshow to other Biblical discoveries. 2000 years text your wife into bed affiliate of stone, measuring three feet by 5 feet and weighs a ton, was found near the gate of Damascus in the old city of Jerusalem and was called one of the most important Latin inscriptions discovered in the Holy City, because it emphasizes the Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire. Read the rest here. Archaeologists working in Turkey believe they have found a piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified. The old church Balatlar excavation discovered a building in Sinop (Turkey), on the shores of the Black Sea, from the 7th century, a stone with the objects that can be directly connected to Jésus Christ. Read the rest here. An excavation in Israel has buried new evidence of a city under the metropolis was King Solomon's Gallo discovered. An international team of archaeologists has for many years, the Creuse, situated between the modern Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, worked according to a news release from the authority of Antiquities of Israel (AIA). An important historic town in its own right, Gezer is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Egyptian historical accounts as a station on the route between Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia. Read the rest here. In addition, a biblical cities is multiplied by 4 in Mark's Gospel describes as the place where Jesus sailed, after miraculously fed a few loaves and fishes. 000 persons only may have been discovered by archaeologists, LiveScience reported. Read the rest here. A colorful mosaic depicting the biblical personage of Samson in the region of Galilee, Israel, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority was discovered. The work was found in a synagogue in Huqoq and very well preserved, although it was at the end of the Roman period, or around the fourth or fifth century. A series of experiments conducted by researchers has not been reached Italians show that the shroud of Turin is probably authentic, but the team has a final decision. The Gabriel Stone, called a meter (3 feet) shelf of glass fiber, said found on the shores of the dead sea, predictive text 87 lines of unknown function of the century before j. -c., at the time of the second Jewish temple for 13 years. Read the rest here. A launcher found when Israeli excavations can shed light on a mystery that has gone unresolved Bible for thousands of years. The broken pitcher, clay found in a bed of ashes at the excavation of the site Shiloh of Tel in the West Bank and Gaza, suggests that the old town burned once the capital de facto of the city and the spiritual center of the ancient land of Israel, Tazpit news agency reported. To find out more. An israeli archaeologist says he has found a rare treasure of ancient coins and medallions in the vicinity of the Mount of the Temple in Jerusalem. Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University, said, this jewelry box and a medallion of gold with the Jewish menorah symbol are engraved on it. Other discoveries include elements with additional Jewish symbols like a RAM's Horn and a scroll of the Torah. To learn more. .